Phishing Campaigns And Security Education

Senior-level solutions to any technology problem, no matter how large or small and no matter who takes your call.


We custom-design phishing attack scenarios just for your company.


Educate your employees on cyber security best practices and how to detect phishing attempts.

Measurable Data

Know how many people click on links or did not report it to IT staff after getting a malicious email.


See campaign results on one dashboard and strategize your security and training plans accordingly.

Progress Tracking

All data are stored safely and exportable making it easy to keep track of each campaign result.


Easily repeat or modify past or current campaigns on a regular basis.

Strengthen Your Weakest Link

Installing advanced security solutions is not enough to keep your business safe. Make sure your employees know how to defend themselves from online scams with Mikula IT Consulting’s GoPhish email phishing testing solution.